Mercedes GLG SUV To Compete The Range Rover Sport Review

Friday, March 29th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes Benz Gle Photo Concept

Mercedes GLG. Similarly, the new GLG must be based on the GLE platform. It will be developed to compete with Range Rover Sport. As a result, you should see a car with more off-road features than most Mercedes-Benz SUVs. This car should be equipped with adjustable height air suspension as standard, three lock differential, and a special off-road chassis package.

The next generation GLE, on which GLG will be based, must be launched before the end of 2020. The German car giant will, therefore, take some time to create a new model. Most likely, it is almost four to five years before the launch of the new car.

Mercedes-Benz traffic intersections will continue to grow as consumers reach the sector. We know that the Mercedes GLB is coming, which will be located between the GLA and GLC crossings. GLB already has a descriptor as “g-Class” in alignment. However, it seems that another Crossover might get the title of GLG.

According to the source, it is still uncertain to have a crossing with the GLG identification plate. You have to recover nearly six years to find references to the GLG Crossover in business, later called the “G-class” branch. It has been a long time since the publication of this report, and even today there is nothing much more than reporting any other rumors.

The source says that GLG does not have an internal project code or timeline associated with its development. However, the paper continued to point out that the German automaker has learned to build new patterns of the body economically, at least in the automotive world. The publication also indicates that GLG could be a branch of the next GLE Crossover as of 2020. We do not know the validity of these claims, since source does not mention a source, and may have lost some information. Translation

However, the source says that the GLG must compete with the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, which has an initial price of about $ 66,000. Range Roo? R Sport has the ability to off-road, luxury features and reasonable prices, all in one package. The publication says the GLG will come with an off-road technology package, adjustable air suspension and three differential locks as standard equipment, which will no doubt help to put it on the same level of off-road performance as the Range Rover Sport.

As of now, the GLG of three rows and seven passengers is still common. At most, it is at the conceptual stage of development. Without the project number and prototypes that were seen on the road, it will be some time before we see Mercedes GLG. Then again, we have waited sometime now.

2020 Mercedes Gle Photo Concept

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